“Hi.Looking for great talent? I was in the Dallas area & saw The JACK TASTY band-What a show!...I have been turning alot of people on to them & everyone has liked them. Book them for New York & I will bring a bus load of people to the show,thanks” ”

— - TJO Presents(Brooklyn,NY)Booking agency, Facebook.com (Mar 03, 2019)

The Jack Tasty Band

*****Outlaw Country, Southern Rock*****

We are a band of seasoned musicians, each with our own flare and unique set of tools. Together we bring a lot of Variety to the table. We all live and love the Dallas music scene. We write, record and perform our own music our own way. Jack Tasty is an Outlaw Country, Southern Rock Style Band. Jack Tasty will play cover songs from Merle Haggard to Prince and all in between, and our own Southern Rockin originals to suite the Venue. We can play Gigs up to 4 hr Sets and down. We will work out a show for your timeline and venue no matter what. Just let us know what you need. We all love to Perform in front of a live audience. Its what we do best! 
There's no better feeling than to give your all on stage in front of new people. Its so vulnerable, and risky to lay your soul out for everyone to see and hear, but it divides the Lions from the sheep and the feeling is priceless. 
Jack Tasty Has Released their Debut Album and are working in the studio recording the second Album now, and writing for the 3rd LP. Its Moving fast now. We are currently booking local shows, then plan a short state wide tour soon. If you haven't seen this band, you gotta check us out live! Look for us at your local live music venue. See Ya ! 
To BOOK THIS BAND: Scott - 469-576-5008 or Scott@JackTasty.com 

Members are:: 
Scott Tharp (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) 
David Ervin (Lead Guitar/ Back Up Vocals) 
Larry Bomgardner (Bass/Back Up Vocals) 
John Hollowell (Drums/Back Up Vocals)

“Love the energy! It has power, character, finesse, and, attitude. Perfect performance, and, production ;)” ”

— - GROUNDGOD, Reverbnation (May 05, 2019)

Press Photos

“These guys have a great sound very original and look out people their coming 2019 !!!! Very nice work gentleman !!! From Jett Blakk your brothers from another mother !!!!!!” ”

— - Jett Blakk Band, Facebook.com (Apr 14, 2019)

Sample Track

“MISERY-JACK TASTY Band This song is absolutely incredible. The vocals remind me a lot of Chris Cornell and sometimes the music hints at Soundgarden but then turns and gets you with a left hook of a wall of guitars and a heavy groove that provides a really great bottom ended fueled head bobbing extravaganza! Think of the mellowness of Temple of the Dog combined with a heavy groove of say Audioslave all in one song for sake of comparisons. At any rate 10's across the board for this band!” ”

— - Male 49 Toronto Canada, Reverbnation Crowd Review (Jan 17, 2019)

Sizzle Reel

“If you’ve never seen these guys perform....well by golly go see them! Very talented guys... And they bring the party!” ”

— - John Dees/Custom Guitars, facebook.com/jacktasty (Aug 19, 2018)

“The lead guitar part was great, and I liked the percussion performance as well. A great power ballad, I'd like to hear more from this artist for sure.” ”

— - Crowd Review/Reverbnation -THE CROW-JACK TASTY BAND, reverbnation.com -Crowd Review (Mar 05, 2018)

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